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Wandering Trails Media originally developed the way any good story does, while out adventuring! Owner Brooke Jackson spent several years as a guide, instructor, and world traveler. Returning home from expeditions, the community anticipated photos and written reports of her journey. After gaining a few professional clients and official projects, Wandering Trails Media was established. 

While still balancing guiding and instructing, Brooke has evolved into a professional content creator/strategist and has worked with clients including adidas, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Zappos.

But the office job can't hold her down! Brooke continues to travel around the world documenting outdoor endeavors and sharing unique stories. As a freelancer, Brooke has shared some captivating stories. From developing backcountry ski lines in Nepal for a local ski & snowboard school to assisting on a first ascent rock climb with a local team in the Faroe Islands, her passion to connect big adventures to local communities and cultures is an impactful emphasis of every project. 

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Her creativity, high-energy personality and problem-solving abilities generate a unique platform from which Brooke helps develop engaging content, strategize to reach marketing objectives, and tell overall awesome stories. Whether you're seeking a content creator, a story to be written, or you'd like to schedule an appointment to discuss marketing strategies - Brooke has the experience and passion to help you get stoked and have a rewarding adventure.