As winter season approaches, I find myself following the tradition of reflecting on the concluding year. The comparison of "Then & Now" seems to be a constant drifting thought. Where was I last year compared to this year? Where will I be at this point next year? As a driven individual with many passions, the years have been moving quickly lately. So quickly in fact, that I often forget to take a moment for gratitude. Gratitude of my accomplishments, overcoming challenges, and for those in my life that support me through both. 

To summarize what this last year has meant to me in one statement: I am thankful. 

Thankful for the adventures I've been fortunate enough to experience. 

Thankful for the friends I've made along the way.

Thankful for my family who supports and encourages me.

Thankful for my incredible boyfriend who is both my best friend and best adventure partner.

Thankful for the opportunities of growth to my portfolio and writing.

I just feel an overwhelming sense of thanks.

In challenging times and uncertain political atmospheres, the cycle of negativity can be treacherously addictive. Although it's not quite the holidays yet, this is just a small reminder for anyone who might be reading this to take a moment and look at how much in life there is to be thankful for. As an influential climber once told me; "It's better to fight for something as opposed to against something". Love is stronger than hate. Gratitude is greater than desire. Tell someone today how much they mean to you and spread a little thanks <3 

 Here's a waterfall to help ponder life.

Here's a waterfall to help ponder life.

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