The Work Behind the Scenes


The countdown begins: 2 months until my trip to the Faroe Islands. Not only is the adventure going to include an exciting writing and photography assignment for developing tourism to the islands but it also presents the opportunity of a personal passion of mine - climbing. My partner, Jason, and I have been invited to document and join a cleaning and bolting of a first ascent climb on one of the islands. The team is comprised of five climbers from various countries including Denmark and New Zealand. The route is anticipated to be roughly 150meters and graded around 6B on the French scale. For those climbers unfamiliar, that would translated to around 5.10(+). Fortunately, the climb is anticipated to be sport. However, that is significantly higher a grade than I've climbed for such a long face. Although I've been "climbing" for six years, it has been primarily the style of chill. Aka, take a six-pack of beer out to the crag and get on a few routes in between bottles. In the last year, I've challenged myself to trim down the activities that interest me from a never ending list to only a few concentrated goals. The main focuses will be developing in the sport of backcountry skiing, kayaking and climbing. My primary goal with climbing is not to climb the hardest grades or be a crusher, rather it is to evolve into the world of big wall and exploration. The freedom of long multi-pitch routes in secluded alpine terrain in what I dream of. Faroe Islands presents a foothold into that world. The goal is set, the bar is high and now... it's time to train.